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Striving For Excellence With Every Notarial Act!

Whether I am facilitating training, facilitating loan signings or volunteering in my community, my customers are my #1 priority. This is what I want for every notary and signing agent in North Texas. I am here to show you how!


Oftentimes, we want the microwave kind of success…quick, fast, and in a hurry. Today I was watching a show where Terry Crews was a guest. One of the show host asked him about his success and he told her that in the beginning he always thought “start small; but think big.” It resonated with me.

Individuals have different ideas and take different paths to achieve success. Success is measured in many different ways.


For me, as I have aged, success means maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal time. In my opinion, the path to success in the mobile notary business, is tied to starting small; while thinking big. It is necessary to ensure that a solid foundation is established.


Here at EC Head Consulting, we learn, we share, and we grow together in order to become the best notary publics and loan signing agents in North Texas.

You are guided to a level of proficiency through training, face-to-face, in a classroom setting. However, your training does not stop there. You are mentored until you are ready to pull the trigger and go do that first signing and beyond.


The mentoring is done by meeting each workshop participant where he or she may be in the learning process. Sometimes that means a word of encouragement and other times it may mean walking him or her through the process for the first signing. Questions are answered by guiding an individual to an appropriate answer.  I like to think that I guide to an answer rather than simply providing a “quick” answer to allow you to move on.


 "Know Your Worth"

Live Mobile Notary-Signing Agent Workshop has an added feature for the  workshop – “How to realistically calculate your notary fees”. What is Your Worth?

EC Head Mobile Notary-Signing Agent Workshops are not for everyone. We learn, share, and grow together in a common sense, no fluff kind of environment. If this is what you are looking for, this workshop is for you.

I do not have a magic wand for you to earn six figures, but I will teach you how to incorporate your job as a notary-signing agent and your responsibilities to your customers.

Additional Resources & Nuggets For Success

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