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We offer excellent  classes  that are designed to help you to become a professional notary public/signing agent.

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Loan Document Review Workshop I

Teaches you the rules of the road for being a signing agent. We cover how to get hired, what to do when you get hired, how to recognize, present and explain loan documents for a purchase loan transaction and standard refinances. You also get a list of hiring companies to get you started and much more. Hands on classroom style; Must be prepared to print in excess of 180 pages of material (no front-to-back).

Loan Document Review Workshop II

Advanced is more of the same as Workshop I; but on steroids. We learn how to recognize, present and explain the more complex documents; such as Reverse Mortgages, Cash-outs (Texas only), and HELOCS (Home Equity Line of Credit). You get a list of area title companies to use to start building relationships. Hands on classroom style; Must be prepared to print in excess of 300 pages of material (no front-to-back).

Notary 101

Getting back to the basics and learning and understanding what you can and cannot (should not) do as a notary public. Notary 101 should be the baseline for the notary business. This class is more of a seminar. Although lecture style, participation is encouraged. What you need to bring is an open-mind, ready to learn, pen and paper. We will supply the training material.

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