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Notary Public Education and Training

We offer excellent  classes  that are designed to help you to become a professional notary public/signing agent.

Meet Elizabeth C. (Liz) Head

  • NOTARY  



I have been a professional Real Estate/Mortgage Consultant and trainer since 2000; and a notary signing agent since 2015. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for excellence to provide significant outcomes.  When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency.
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We Specialize In Training

Notary 101

We offer FREE 
monthly mentoring to
all workshop attendees

Getting back to the basics learning and understanding what you can and cannot (should not) do as a notary public.  Notary 101 should be the baseline for the notary business.  Ground zero for the general notary and loan signing business.  The class is more of a seminar. Although lecture style, participation is encouraged.  What you need to bring is an open-mind, ready to learn, pen and paper.  Must be prepared to print approximately 10 pages which are sample notarial certificates.  


Loan Signing Agent Training

Teaches you the rules of the road for being a signing agent. We cover 

  • How to get hired

  • What to do when you get hired

  • How to recognize, present and explain loan documents forp

  1.   Purchase loan transaction

  2.   Standard refinance transaction

  3.   Cash Out refinance transaction

  4.   HELOC (home equity line of credit) 

  5.   Seller transaction

A list of hiring companies is provided to get you started and much more.

*Hands on classroom style; must be prepared to print in excess of 200 pages of material (no front-to-back). 

           Classes are in-person and online every other month!

Reversed Mortgage Loan Document Review- Workshop II

Advanced loan document review is strictly for learning how to recognize, present and explain the more complex documents found in Reverse Mortgages.  Must be prepared to print in excess of 200 plus pages of material (no front-to-back). 

                     Classes are offered quarterly and online only                                  



See what my satisfied customers are saying and get in touch with us today.

" Just last week, I had 6 loan signings and 5 GNW signings. I was extremely busy. Five of the 6 Loan signings came to me as a referral from Liz. She is an awesome instructor and mentor. Thanks to her kindness and willing to help, I am thriving in this business. And I do this part-time."

Regina Kennedy

"Thank you for those kind words and I looking forward to meeting you and everyone in the class. Yes you right, What Fear, me and Fear said our goodbyes today just because of the voice that encouraged me on the other side of the phone, EC Head!!!"

Theresa Cooper

I'm so Proud of this glad I attended your workshop!!  You did it Girl ...and you'll do it again and again! I truly appreciate all that you do.  Not only are you a great instructor, you're also a great inspiration."

- Will Jackson

"Liz's class is excellent; She's clear, precise and answers any questions. We recently did a Loan Signing class while she was here, in IL. I was able to have a Meet & Greet, where I invited Liz and several other Loan Signers. Liz answered all of our questions. She's a Teacher, Mentor and a friend. I appreciate all of her help. This is one of the best business decisions that I have ever made."

Judith Ivy

"Before becoming a signing agent, I joined your group and would occasionally catch your videos. Your videos calmed my nervousness about the profession and simply motivated me to keep going. In Maryland we have to take a course and a 100-question test.  I kept hearing this profession in Maryland was costly and too much to deal with; but each time I caught your live videos, you didn't know it, but you were telling me that it was worth it.

Well, I took that hard test (Title Insurance Producer)  and got my license in December.  Your videos also have given great pointers about starting a business and maintaining it. I just completed my 2nd signing and am hopeful that 2020 is a year of growth and financial advancement. Thanks for all the encouragement way across the country!!"

Andrea Douling

"I became a Notary Public in the State of Tennessee in 2018 and didn’t know what to do with my designation.  I researched various notary training and was unable to find a good fit for me.  I accidentally stumbled on Liz Head’s Facebook page, EC Head Notary Public-Signing Agent Workshops, and that is when my journey to notary signing took off with a bang! I traveled from TN to TX to attend the EC Head Mobile Notary & Signing Agent Workshops I & II instructed by Liz Head and it was exactly what I expected and more. If you are looking for in debt hands on training, Liz Head is the instructor you need. She is very knowledgeable and provided a wealth of information. Liz makes sure you leave the workshop well equipped to provide professional and successful notary signings.  Since my training, I have had unbelievable success in being hired by signing companies."

Asenath Johnson

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