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Meet Liz

My Notary Story - How and Why I Got Started!

"$500 a Month – That’s what my budget needed in 2015."



I started doing loan signings and general notary work in June 2015. I retired from the world of mortgage banking in 2013. I decompressed from 2013 to 2015.


One day in early April/May 2015, I realized my budget was short by about $500 a month. I needed to supplement my income.

I tried several avenues; My favorite attempt was going to the Dollar Tree for a Clerk position, paying $12.00 an hour for 20 hours a week. That would have given me what I needed.

I was willing, they just did not hire me. Thank Goodness!

I Still Needed $500 A Month!

While talking with a real estate associate, Lanee Scott, she asked me, “Liz, why don’t you do mobile loan signings as a notary?” I said “What’s that?” She explained, “It’s a process of driving to individuals who are closing on their home purchases, and don’t want to go to their title company to sign and have the documents notarized.” I said, “NO, I don’t like to drive.”

The next month rolled around and I still needed $500 more a month. Me: “Lanee, tell me again about mobile notary.”  The rest is history, as they say!

I started earning immediately through the Snapdocs platform. I exceeded my $500 a month the very first month out.


My Average Monthly Part-Time Earnings Have Gone From

$1,250 in 2015 to $3,750 in 2019.

There have been times when I forgot that I only needed $500 extra per month. Mobile Notary-Signing Agent has evolved into a great part-time job that I created for myself! My part-time job has provided me the opportunity to do some stuff.


For instance:

  • Payoff debt

  • Go on vacations -- with ease

  • Bathroom remodel

  • Host a Family Reunion at my home

  • Shore up my retirement income

  • And just some extra spending cash for those grandkids!

Although I still consider my mobile notary a part-time job, I have incorporated training others to do what I do.

This Is My Primary Business Now

…training others to be the most proficient notaries and signing agents in North Texas

In August 2018, because it was determined that there is a need for notary/signing agent training, I formalized my notary signing agent training classes. I have trained more than 100 notaries/signing agents. To-date, to my knowledge approximately 15% are operating as full-time or part-time, effective, proficient notaries and signing agents.

I came into the mobile notary community with 30 plus years of mortgage banking and training experience. However, Madeline Ricci, owner of Bilingual Notary Network signing company, taught me how to be a signing agent. I had to learn that although I strive for excellence with every notarial act, I sometimes fall short. Back in the day (2015), I missed obtaining a signature or an initial here-and-there. I’d get a call from Madeline. I would, and still do, get embarrassed when I miss something.


Early on, I wanted to quit because I do not like making mistakes. Whenever I thought about quitting -- you guessed it -- I’d remember how I needed that extra $500 a month! After a time, I had to realize that with as much paper as we handle, we are bound to miss something periodically.

I developed a slogan to keep me from quitting. It is:

When I make a mistake, 




I have found that having mortgage banking experience is a plus for getting hired, but it is not a requirement for becoming a signing agent. As long as an individual is customer centric, willing to learn, is patient, gives attention to detail, is organized, willing to keep learning and re-learning, willing to drive, willing to work hard and smart, then mobile notary can become a lucrative part-time or full-time career.

…And I am happy to show you how!

My notary and signing agent workshops are held monthly in North Texas, and signing agent workshops are held quarterly in Northern Illinois.

I invite anyone with the attributes I’ve mentioned above, and who wants to invest in themselves while earning part-time or full-time money, to consider becoming a mobile notary. It definitely is not for everyone. I didn’t realize it was for me until I needed that extra $500 a month to supplement my retirement income!


When you’re ready, go on over to the workshop registration tab here on my website and we’ll get you on your way!


At EC Head, we learn, we share, and we grow together!

It has been an awesome experience for me!


Let Me Help Make It An Awesome Experience For You!

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