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Who Moved My Signings Chapter 2

Brain Power. Sam (Sniff) Notary and Shirley (Scurry) Notary had simple rodent brains, but good instincts. Sam (Sniff) Notary would smell out the general direction of the Signings and other notary opportunities, and Shirley (Scurry) Notary would race ahead.

Sam (Sniff) Notary and Shirley (Scurry) Notary got lost. Went off in the wrong direction and often bumped into obstacles such as general notary work but after a while they found their way to diversification.

Henry (Hem) Notary and Helen (Haw) Notary, on the other hand, had complex brains.

Henry (Hem) Notary and Helen (Haw) Notary have beliefs and emotions. They relied on a more sophisticated method of finding Signings; ignoring the art of diversification. They relied on their ability to think and learn from their past experiences. Their judgment was sometimes cloudy depending on how they looked at things.

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