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Is it Magic?

“When your self-esteem is boosted, everything in your life changes. You’re a shooting star, excited to take on the day. Heck, you’re excited for your life! When your behaviors—and in particular, your daily habits---are in sync with your long-term goals and dreams, then things in your life seem to magically “happen” for you. Everything clicks.

It turns out, it’s not magic—it’s neuroscience—but it sure feels like magic.”

“Your daily Coffee Self-Talk advantage is powerful for spinning happiness into your life, while also bringing you closer to your goals, resolutions, and dream life. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever have challenges. Rather, it means that life’s ordinary challenges won’t phase you. Or completely freak you out. It will be like in The Matrix, when bullets fly at Neo, and he just bends out of the way, no hits or damage. THAT’S how Coffee Self-Talk works for you when life throws crap your way.

~ Kristen Helmstetter – Coffee Self-Talk

Find yourself a good coffee Self-Talk, OR a good Vodka Self-Talk Or a good Wine Self-Talk book and start living like your life is magic!

Liz Head – EC Head Consulting

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