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Are You Hungry Enough?

As Les Brown says "You Gotta Be Hungry" to do this business.

I hope this helps some new loan signing agents on their journey to success.

When you are finished reading, if I rubbed your sensibilities the wrong way, I'm going to say it spurred you on to some thinking. I do my best thinking sometimes when I feel like I have to call 911 for back-up

This is not a solicitation for anyone to become a part of EC Head Notary Training group. It is, however, an invitation for you to ensure that you vet any training programs that are offered to ensure you are getting the correct information.

I am giving my opinions here!

If you see trainers offering you notary and loan signing training for little or nothing, you may want to vet what you are going to get from the training experience. You know that old saying, you get what you pay for, that may hold true for some new notaries who have literally no training experience and very little notary/signing agent training/experience --- but they want to help you.

The desire to help is admirable.

If the information that is being shared for a small fee & you cashapp the payment, etc.; which I have seen in some Facebook group(s); is incorrect, it is only going to hinder your progression in this business and perhaps damage your reputation.

Your reputation as a signing agent is key to continued success. This is true whether you are part-time (a side-gig) or looking to make this a full-time career; which is very possible.

You have to put in the same about of time to learn what to do.

In my opinion, there are few, if any shortcuts to success. If you want to do this business the correct way, learn your craft. We impact lives.

Yes, you need a dual tray printer.

Yes, you need a scanner.

Yes, you need to print 2 copies of the documents if that's what the hiring company requires.

Yes, you have to follow the hiring companies' instructions.

Yes/No/Maybe: I Can Do It Without Training: -- it is difficult to learn how to do this profession by YouTube and Facebook only.

If this is what you want to do, be prepared to spend some time researching and putting everything together. You must first know the requirements for the notary laws in your state. Visit my YouTube channel for some suggestions for DIY. Takes longer to get up and running if you have no mortgage/real estate/sales experience. But you can do it! It takes tenacity, stick-to-it-ness, commitment, etc.

If you don't like the requirements for a hiring company, don't go to Facebook and complain about it. Just pass on the assignment.

Do not expect the hiring company to change their requirements to suit each individual's desires. If you have valid suggestions, reach out to the hiring company and see if they are amendable to your suggestion. It may make a difference for them if they can improve. It's all about how we are developing relationships and communicating.

We are more than mobile notaries. We are notary publics acting as signing agents facilitating loan signings. We are oftentimes problem solvers during signing appointments.

Mostly, however, if you do not like what is being offered, just wait for what fits your business model.

Many say they want a mentor. Do you know what you want to be mentored on/for? Why would a seasoned notary literally spend hours training you for FREE because you just got your notary commission and passed the NNA Notary exam and then you say "What Do I Do Now"? Time is money. I mentor everyone who attends my loan signing classes. There is a cost to doing business.

You are self-employed, an entrepreneur, independent contractor, etc. Either way, regardless of what label you want to adopt, ultimately, your success is on you! do your research to determine if this is an endeavor for you to embark upon.

Some Facebook groups are great with lots of great ideas and suggestions.

However, the information shared in Facebook groups, sometimes gets muddled with more complaining and nonsensible posts which gets a lot of attention. Negative posts get more attention. Use that time with good, solid, useful information.

Develop a relationship with a few people who will become your networking small group/lifelines on Facebook. We have all learned how to do networking differently because of the pandemic. Create your small group community for problem solving instead of using Facebook as a dumping ground for everything you encounter on a daily basis. Use that time to work on developing your craft and opportunities to learn and grow your business.

Ok, thanks for allowing me to share and vent. Ya'll make it a fantastic week. Go make some $$.

As Les Brown says "You Gotta Be Hungry".

Liz Head, EC Head Notary Training Workshops

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