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Who Moved My Signings

Chapter 1

The Story

There are four little characters in this story. Two are mice named Sam (Sniff) Notary and Shirley (Scurry) Notary and two are little people - small as mice, but looked and acted like people today. Their names are Henry (Hem) Notary and Helen (Haw) Notary.

Every day the mice, Sam (Sniff) Notary and Shirley (Scurry) Notary, and the little-people, Henry (Hem) Notary and Helen (Haw) Notary, spent time accepting their own special Loan Signings.

The mice had only simple rodent brains, but good instincts, searched for the hard-nibbling Signings they liked every day. Some were from direct title companies, attorneys they had built relationships with, as well as signing services.

The two little-people used their brains, filled with many beliefs, to search for a very different kind of Signing – with a capital “S”. They believed this would make them happy and successful. There were so many signing services that they focused on the lucrative signing service business only.

Although very different, the mice and the little-people had a commonality. Every morning, they each put on their business casual clothes and raced to perform their notarial duties as signing agents. They had quick fingers and were able to amass a great deal of signings sent via text messages and emails.

The maze of signing business was a web of corridors and chambers. Some of them even had the delicious Signings that the mice and little-people were looking for. They found signings that paid $150 - $200 per signing. But there were also dark corners and blind alleys leading to nowhere and had no Signings. Easy place for all of them to get lost. At the time, they were only looking for signings with the major players and the highest paying assignments. They found a lot of other stuff that got in their way…such as general notary work (those dark corridors only had general notary work) would sometimes block their ability to get straight to those high paying assignments.

For those who found their way and capitalized on the opportunities found in those general notary corridors found that those areas held secrets that would allow them to continue to enjoy a better life.

Stay tuned to see how things progressed in the maze for Sam (Sniff), Shirley (Scurry), Henry (Hem), and Helen (Haw).

By: Liz Head, Mobile Notary/Signing Agent Trainer

August 1, 2021

Source: Who Moved My Cheese, Spencer Johnson, MD

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