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How To Complete An Acknowledgment!

The majority of notarial certificates will be acknowledgments. The notary is not allowed to tell a principal (signer) what kind of certificate he/she/they need.

Knowing and understanding your notarial laws for your state are super important. Regardless of your state, an acknowledgment certificate is an acknowledgment certificate.

There are 5 basic requirements for completing a notarial certificate:

  1. Require Personal Appearance: The principal (person signing) must be in front of you, the notary.

  2. Review The Document: Look at the document to ensure there are no blanks. A notary is not required to attest to the validity of the information contained within the document.

  3. Screen The Signer And Verify The Facts: The notary is responsible to ensure, through the use of a valid government issued ID, that the principal is who he/she/they say they are.

  4. Record The Notarization: Complete the notary journal or record book using the information required by your state. Record keeping varies by state. Check your secretary of state website for the record keeping guidelines. It is recommended that you be mindful of the samples found in notary journals you purchase. The samples may not depict the requirements for your specific state.

  5. Complete The Notarization: The notarization is completed when the notary signs (after the principal has signed) and places the seal (stamp) on the notarial certificate.

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